Organic Bowl Covers


A simple, reusable alternative to plastic wrap, this set of three reversible bowl covers eases your transition into a zero waste kitchen. Each cover has a pattern on one side and solid on the other, with an encased elastic hem around the bottom that stretches to fit a variety of bowls and dishes. Each set of three includes one small, one medium, and one large bowl cover.

Okay, so I have been to three recent pot luck parties and needed to transport my food contributions. I wanted to use my decorative plate for my cookies but hated using foil for covering them up. Voila, fabric covers to the rescue! Not only are the pretty to look at they are eco friendly as they can be used over and over again. No more foil, no more plastic wrap!

Cotton fabric with elastic that easily stretches over your bowl or containers. No kitchen should be without one! Make great hostess gifts too!
Set of three small/medium/large.

  • Dimensions: Small: 4” diameter + Medium: 6.5” diameter + Large: up to 13” diameter

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